Monday, November 26, 2012

An entire years worth of updates!

Since I haven't updated since January, I'm going to give you a quick overview of my derby in 2012 thus far!

January 14th- Mixer at home- Ice Psychos (Blue) vs. Tiki Torturers (Green).  I was on Ice Psychos. Tiki Torturers won. No MVP's awarded.

February 18th- Mixer at home-  Justice (purple) vs. Power (Gold).  I was on Justice. Power won. No MVP's awarded.

March 24th- Krush vs. Hellcats at Escanaba.  Krush won. No MVP's awarded.

March 31st- Sour Punch Wheelers vs. Funky Monkeys (junior teams I coached)- Sour Punch (my team) won

April 21st- Krush vs. Hellcats at home. Krush won. I got MVP Jammer.

May 18th- Krush vs. Wisconsin River Valley at home. WI River Valley won. I got MVP blocker.
Jr Double header- Sour Punch Wheelers vs. Funky Monkeys (junior teams I coached)- Sour Punch (my team) won

July 28th- Bruised and Confused Mixer in Sault Ste Marie Canada- black vs. white.  I was on white. White won. I got MVP blocker.

August 11th- Krush & Friends vs. Mid State Sisters of Skate's B Team at Mid State. I was alternate to captain. Krush won. I got overall MVP.

August 25th- For a few Bruises More- Krush & Friends vs. Kalkaska in Kalkaska. I was captain. Kalkaska won. I got MVP jammer.

October 6th- House of a Thousand Derby Girls mixer at WI River Valley. I was on red team. My team lost the first round. There were six teams.

November 24th- Hunt for a Cure Mixer in Escanaba. Pink vs. Black. I was on team Pink as captain. Our team won. I got overall MVP.

Excited for the new rules.  I will probably be using this page mostly just for myself now since not too many people read it anyway, and also because I don't want to forget the outcomes of my bouts and what I've done and how I've improved.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 is looking good so far....

Yes, I am finally more focused on losing weight again.  I'm doing a biggest loser contest with my dad and so far I am down about 15 lbs and he is down about 20 lbs.  I'm back on Weight Watchers.  I'm feeling good.

As for roller derby, that is going well too.  Our last bout (Oct 30th) went well overall- we sold out in 24 hours, and had a packed house and pumped crowd!  Our next bout is only 10 (!) days away.  We are in a bigger venue this time, so instead of around 250 people we may have close to 500.  It should be amazing.

Here are some videos from the last bout!

It's a link to my you tube site with videos from the bout on there.

Now as for running- I'm going to start again tomorrow.  I have a 5 K to run in about 9 or 10 weeks, so I need to be back in shape for that. I'm running with my dad!  I'm so excited.   I'm hoping my endurance from roller derby is going to carry over a little for me and make up for the fact that I haven't ran since June.  Typing that made me feel dirty.

And....finally....a few pictures from our bout in October.  Remember, it was Zombies Vs. Vampires...and I was a Zombie!

Jamming my heart out


*Gurgle grrrrr*

This foot is yummy...but I could really use some BRAAAAIIINNNNSSS!