Sunday, February 13, 2011

Yay running outside!!

Ugh it's about time that it got above 20 degrees here!  For the last couple of weeks, the average has been like 10 below zero. was 47*!!  I used the opportunity to not have to run on the treadmill and to get my dogs outside with me.  It's so nice to run with them since they pace so well!

Turns out...when the snow starts to melt, the roads are super dirty.  They turn your long haired dogs into mud pits and your white dogs into brown/grey dogs.  And it makes them smell like mud, oil, and general death.  Below is the evidence (sorry for the crappy pics, I snapped them in a hurry on the way to the tub).

Nipper on the right side

Nipper on the left

Teddy sitting
 Its so dark that a lot of the dirt didn't show up...but rest assured I was scooping sand out of the tub. 


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First week of training for the half!

Yesterday marked the first official day of half marathon training for the Green Bay Half Marathon!

....I spent it as a rest day....

But to be fair, I ran the day before which was supposed to be a rest day, so I'm not too broken up about it.

Today I did some cross training for 30 minutes.  I cranked up the incline to 15% grade and walked at 2.6 (average) MPH for 30 minutes, covering 1.5 miles (plus an additional 0.5 miles of warm up cool down at a 1% grade).  It was tough, but I think incline training will really help me with leg strength.  Plus it was pretty fun!  I kept my heart rate at an average of 165 (max 180, when I decided it would be really cool to try to run at a 15% wasn't).

I did not look as perky or as skinny as this woman.  I can only assume this treadmill is not actually moving, otherwise she would be smiling less, and sweating more.

Also, and I think I've mentioned this before, probably several times...but for the love of god I wish I would sweat more!!  Seriously, at the 20 min mark, I had to jump off and run to the water fountain to give my face a lifesaving bath.  Pretty sure I'm the crazy girl that other gym goers come home and tell stories about to their family..."This girl at the gym...she was lip synching the whole time!  And dancing while keeping the beat with her left foot on the treadmill!  And then...I kid you not...she got off the damn thing to go take a WATER FOUNTAIN BATH!  Seriously, bitch had issues."*    (*All of this story is true.  Don't judge me.  ;)  )

Are there any other sweat deficient runners out there?  How do you cope??  I don't have a problem outside because I always have my water fanny pack on so I can dump water on my head anytime I need to.  However, I can't be the super socially awkward person who wears one of those on a GD treadmill.  Tips?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Couple of things...

1.  I just registered for the 2011 Chicago Marathon!!  AHHH!  I had butterflies in my stomach while I was doing it.  I still do... :)

2. I made matching adorable skirts and headbands for my St. Pattie's day 5K with my friend are some pics!

Headband- I may wear this to more than just St. Pattie's day races for luck...four leaf clovers can't hurt, right??

My skirt on, close up

My skirt from a little further back
Ashley's skirt

All in all, the skirts and the headbands took me about 6 hours to make.  I just started sewing last year, and had taken an 8 month or so break from it, so it took me a long time to remember what the hell I had to do to make my machine work.  But, I got it, and now Ashley and I have some kick ass gear to wear.

What is everyone else up to?