Wednesday, October 5, 2011

So, a lot has happened...

In the last four months since I wrote here.  The biggest thing is...well...I'm not much of a runner lately.  I've gained a lot of weight since last fall, and it has made it uncomfortable and not fun to run.  Not a good excuse, but it really is what is keeping me from running.

That, and I have a new love in my life.  I new love that I dream about, think about during the day, research in the evenings, and yearn to be doing when I'm not.  My new love is roller derby.  In the end of July, I started going to practices in my town here for the Kingsford Krush roller derby.  My only athletic talent in life has always been roller skating (growing up I don't ever remember losing a race), so to have this in my life as an adult is thrilling.

I will return to running, but probably not until next spring.  Running will probably be a cross training activity for roller derby for me. 

I'm not doing the Chicago Marathon next weekend like I had planned...I'm woefully under-trained for it, and I have a roller derby scrimmage that same day that I would much rather be at!!

Anyway, I just wanted to update everyone (all 5 of you that probably read my blog, lol) on what I've been doing. 

I will probably begin to blog about roller derby now, and much less about running.

It feels great to have a love for a sport that actually loves me back by allowing me to be talented at it...unlike running!  :)

Enjoy the pics below of our practices!!


  1. wow cool..... i broke my arm roller skating once, and it hasn't been the same since then!

  2. Looks like fun, Steph. And you are getting your exercise. How awesome that you love it! Are you on a team? How's that going?

  3. I'm on the Kingsford Krush Roller Derby League- the league has two teams, the Jawbreakers (my team) and the Misfits. Our first home game is Oct is going to be so much fun! Our league just started in January so everyone is pretty new at it.

  4. The Jawbreakers? Scary! (fun scary, though!)

  5. Awesome! I'll be there! Vampires vs. Zombies!

  6. Moldy Jam- are you from the area? Either way, can't wait to see you there!!