Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New trail!

I ran a new trail today.  It is also out at the trail system that I frequently run, but I've never ran that trail.  I did however cross country skied it one time.  I feel that the snow evened out some of the hills- which were killer!  They were however the reason I ran this trail- I really wanted some good hills.  Yes, I know how sadomasichistic that sounds. 

The elevation chart from my Garmin.  Note that the biggest difference is about 850 feet- 500 of which was covered in less than 0.1 miles.  Oh yeah.

One of the hills
 It was a beautiful run today.  I have a lot of today is going to be a mostly picture blog!

Pretty flowers

Part of the trail ran across a clearing made for some major powerlines

Bridge that I don't think was there when I cross country skied this trail

What the bridge was over

Tree that was growing out of a rock!  How awesome is that??

Pictures of the Lake- all the wind made whitecaps which was pretty neat

This run was great!  I found out the issue I had with the super tiredness the other day was most likely due to Zyrtec- I tried it for the first time this week, and at first it was fine (for like two days), but since then everytime I've taken it I've passed out for like 8 hours.

At the end I even pushed to a 8:30 min/mile time for about 0.2 miles, and finished at a sprint at 5:30 min/mile.  However, my average time was still 13 mins/mile since on the crazy hills I walked a lot of it.

I even only had two ticks attached to me by the end of the run!  Not too bad!

I'll leave you with a video of the waves on the lake.

How was everyone else's latest run??


  1. What a beautiful run! I'm glad you figured out the Zyrtec thing :) You really ran 5:30min/mile?! That is so fast! I'll never be able to do that :(

  2. I didn't run a 5:30 for a whole mile! I ran that pace for a short time at the end of my run. I was just trying to push as hard as possible to see how fast I could get my gps to read. For a whole mile, the fasted I've ever ran is 9:30. My normal time when I'm trained is somewhere around 11 miles/min. :)

    They don't call me the tortoise for nothing!